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Pervasive computing environments present specific peculiarities with respect toaspects like security and multimodality. As a matter of fact, the accessibility levelof a virtual environment can definitively be improved by natural interfaces andmultimodal interaction systems, which offer users the freedom to select from multiplemodes of interaction with services and permit to break down barriersabout human-computer interaction making communication intuitive andspontaneous. On the other hand, while enlarging and easing the ways to access to theenvironment, security threads arise and the environment must be properly equipped iorder to protect itself from malicious attacks and/or from wrongactions performed by inexpert users.SMPE-08 will be held in conjunction with Mobiquitous 2008, in Dublin, Ireland, July 2125, 2008.

Distinguished papers accepted and presented in SMPE-08, after further revisions, will be published in special issue on "Security and Multimodality in Pervasive Environments" of Wireless Personal Communications - Springer indexed by SCIE (confirmed).

- Trust and reputation management in UE
- Security applications and services in pervasive computing
- Security model for pervasive computing
- Intelligent multimedia security services in pervasive computing
- Key management and authentication in pervasive computing
- Network security issues and protocols in pervasive computing
- Access control and privacy protection in pervasive computing
- Security Standard for next pervasive computing
- Security in Human Centred Environments
- Natural interfaces security issues
- Advanced multimodal interfaces
- Human oriented interfaces
- Multimodal mobile and ubiquitous services
- Methods for multimodal integration
- Middleware services for multimodal and pervasive applications
- Context-Awareness in multimodal applications
- Multimodal analysis and recognition of contex
- Next ubiquitous and immersive environments
- Virtual reality and ubiquitous computing
- Usability and accessibility in ubiquitous applications
- Applications and scenarios
- Others: Commercial or Industrial Issue in pervasive computing

Paper Submission
Paper submission will be handled electronically. Authors should prepare an Adobe Acrobat PDF version of their full paper. Papers must not exceed 10 pages double column (US Letter size, 8.5 x 11 inches) including text, figures and references. The font size must be at least 10 points. Please visit the Submission page for detailed submission requirements and procedures.

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