Welcome to my web page where you can find information about me and my work.


I'm a technologist of the ICAR Institute of High Performance Computing and Networking of the CNR. My research focuses on parallel and distributed computing. My recent work concerns multi-site application development and management on the Grid.


I also a teacher of "operating systems lab" at the Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II for the year 2010-2011.


I'm currently developing MGF (MPI Globus Forwarder) a MPI library for the grid which extend the existing MPICH-G2 library to solve the private address problem.

I'm also developing MJMS (Multi-Site Job Management System) a tool for the management of multi-site parallel applications on the Grid based on Condor-G


I run and support the Debian Free Operating System. Debian is produced by almost a thousand active developers spread around the world who volunteer in their spare time. I currently maintain two Debian packages for munge and slurm.