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Web-based services
  Downloadable software
M@cbeth - A web service for microarray classification.

unCHIP - Cross-reference tool for microarray data.

chipperDB - Microarray database.

Regec - A supervised classification algorithm based on generalized eigenvalue problem.

Regec L1 - The L1-norm version of Regec algorithm.

LapRegec - A generalized Laplacian semi-supervised classifier based on Regec

Yawi3D - A tool for the segmentation of CT and MRI images.

Related sites

IIPGA - The Innate Immunity PGA project.

CardioGenomics - The CardioGenomics PGA project.

BioLisp - Bioinformatics software in Common Lisp.


CoEPrA Comparative Evaluation of Prediction Algorithms.

CASP7 Critical Assessment of Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction.

Internal resources   Database mirrors and datasets



Unigene (human only)